Tips for Getting Rid of Spiders

Although many species of spider have a fearsome reputation in Australia, not that many fatalities occur from these creatures in the country. Despite this, finding spiders in your home or place of work can be very unsettling. If this happens, then it is often best to call in a spider extermination professional to help you get rid of them. It will usually mean the job will be done more thoroughly than you might be able to achieve on your own. Additionally, it will mean you won't have to get into all of the spaces where spiders are likely to be. That said, there are some measures you can take which will help with a spider extermination programme. What are they?

Vacuum Clean

One of the simplest ways of dealing with spiders and their webs at arm's length is to straightforwardly suck them up in your vacuum cleaner. Run it over your carpets and wooden floors as you usually would and then take out the pole attachment to work it into the corners of each room, paying careful attention to the joins between the ceiling and the walls. You can use your vacuum cleaner around other potential sites for spider's webs, such as behind the toilet bowl and around light fittings. Some people even have success with them in their gardens to remove spiders from shrubs and so on. Remember to empty your vacuum cleaner with great care after using it to get rid of spiders. Wearing a thick pair of gloves is certainly a good move!

Apply Insecticides

Of course, spiders are arachnids, not insects. That said, many different insecticides are just as good for spider extermination as they are other pests, such as termites. If you use a spray-on insecticide, then try to apply it to places where you will not have direct physical contact; avoid areas like door handles, for example. Any small holes around your building where spiders might potentially come in are the ideal locations for insecticide applications.

Peppermint Oil

Some people will have heard of peppermint oil as an old-fashioned remedy for spiders that doesn't have any basis in science. However, the fact is that spraying peppermint oil around your property can make it much less favourable to spiders. It smells nice and it also works! Rather than exterminating spiders, it tends to put them off, so this is a good idea if you have already killed lots of spiders and simply don't want them to return.