Why You Always Need To Act Fast When You See A Rat

While rats are not often thought of as a big problem in much of Australia, you would be surprised just how widespread they truly are. The trick with rats is that they are quite good at remaining undetected by humans, and they do not leave behind noticeable signs if you don't know what to look for. If you do actually lay eyes on a rat, then you need to call for rat control immediately and make sure that you schedule an inspection soon. Here are a few reasons why you can never delay when it comes to rat control at home or your business.

If You See One, There Are Almost Certainly Dozens More

Just like with cockroaches or termites, if you do lay eyes on a rat, that generally means there are dozens more that you cannot see in the area. If you live on a bigger property this number could be even higher, and it is not unusual for farms and agricultural properties to have hundreds, sometimes thousands, of rats before anyone sees one with their own eyes. For smaller properties and urban homes, you still likely have quite a few rats in the area if you find one, so do not assume you found the only one because the odds of that are slim to none.

They Can Wreak Havoc In Their Own Way

If you do live on a farm then you know just how destructive these little critters can be. If you live in a more city or suburban environment then you are not home-free either. Rats are known to chew through everything from wires to clothing, the interiors of your walls and even your gardens. While they may not be poisonous or aggressive to humans, they can still cost you hundreds of dollars worth of damage if they are not dealt with immediately.


If you do have pets of some kind, whether they be a cat or dog, then rats can mean infection and deadly diseases. While the transition of disease from rats to humans is lower in modern times, that cannot be said in regards to pets. Pets are much more likely to eat rats or be bitten by them, which can cause serious health risks and even death. While it might seem cute or brave of your pets to protect your home by killing rats, the health risks outweigh the benefits so try to keep them inside, away from rats before the pest control company can come. 

For more information on rat control, contact a professional near you.