6 Ways to Prevent a Pest Infestation at Home

Pests at home pose a health risk because they carry disease-causing organisms. Many people deal with pests when it is too late, subjecting themselves to harm and monetary losses. Here are several ways you can defend your home from pests.

1. Seal Any Exterior Cracks or Openings

Pests tend to have a knack for squeezing into very tiny spaces that give them access to the house. Bedbugs can push through the small gap a loose power outlet might have. Ants can make their way through the tiniest of wall cracks. Inspect the exterior of your home and feel for any opening that lets in a breeze. Look for any openings, however slight, that allow light into the home. Seal such openings to prevent pests from finding their way into your house.

2. Maintain High Home Hygiene

Although it may sound simplistic, keeping the house clean is an excellent deterrent to potential pest infestations. Vacuum any dust to keep away dust mites. Sweep up any food and drink that spills to avoid attracting ants. A clean home is an unfavourable environment for pests.

3. Dispose of Your Garbage

Get rid of your trash as soon as it fills up to avoid attracting pests. Keep the garbage outdoors and always ensure it remains sealed to prevent any pests gaining access to it.

4. Inspect Your Home Regularly

Pests love to hide in the dark corners and crevices where they can feed away from human activity. Make it a habit to regularly inspect your home, including the pantry, basement and kitchen. If you suspect an infestation but cannot find obvious signs, it is important to contact pest control services for a thorough inspection. Some pest control services offer a free home inspection. When pests are discovered early enough, they are easier to eradicate.

5. Screen Your Vents

Vents in the home are a typical way that pests gain entry and cause havoc. Screen the vents in your home since they must remain open to perform their function.

6. Store Food Correctly

Don't leave leftover food lying around in the open. Keep it in sealed containers in cabinets or the fridge where pests can't reach.


Preventing pest infestation is better than dealing with them after they enter your home. Good hygiene and a regular survey of several areas in your home will help you keep them from coming into your house in the first place.