Pests That Could Pose a Health Risk to Your Pet

Some pests can be quite threatening to the overall health of your pet. So while you may assume that pest extermination services would only be prudent if you have a severe infestation, the truth is eliminating these critters would also be imperative to ensure that you do not have a veterinarian emergency on your hands. The following are just a few of the pests that could pose a risk to the health and even the life of your pet.


Mosquitoes are typically associated with being an irritant to humans, particularly in the summer. And although they cannot spread malaria to animals, they do have the ability to spread parasites and various forms of bacteria when they suck your pet's blood. The most common health risk that mozzies pose to pets is infecting them with heartworm. This disease can be lethal to your dog if not caught early. Therefore, it is important to know how to identify the symptoms, which include decreased appetite, chronic lethargy and a chronic cough. It would be advisable to eliminate any stagnant puddles of water on your property to be on the safe side.


Other seemingly innocuous pests that can cause significant health problems in your pet is ticks. Ticks tend to be difficult to spot as they try to burrow themselves as deep as possible in your pet's coat of fur. Once they have latched on, they will then continually feed on your pet's blood until the tick has become fully engorged. One little-known fact about tick infestations is they could make your pet develop anaemia. Additionally, some female tick species produce a lethal toxin as they feed, and this can paralyse your pet. You should also bear in mind that ticks can spread Lyme disease in humans, and this can be critical to your health too. It is imperative to hire pest management services to make sure that these bloodsuckers are not populating your property.


Homeowners who have pets may not be worried about rats as they assume their cat or dog will simply drive them off the premises. Although your pet would enjoy chasing around these rodents, they could be putting their life at risk as they do this. Rats are known for being a host to a wide range of disease and parasites. If your pet is bitten by this critter, they could be at risk of contracting roundworms, Toxoplasma and a variety of other infectious diseases. Also, if you are using poison to get rid of a rat infestation, cross poisoning could occur if your pet eats a rat that has ingested the poison. 

Talk to a pest control professional for more tips on dealing with these pests and keeping your pets safe.