Unconventional Pest Control Techniques You Could Utilise

Pest infestations are the last thing that any homeowner would want to deal with. Nonetheless, with the warmer months rolling in, a wide array of bugs may start to try to make their way into your home. Before reaching for the pest repellent spray and dousing your entire home with it, there are a few unconventional pest control methods that you could try to keep these critters at bay. It should be noted that if a pest infestation does start to seem like it is getting out of hand, it would be prudent to call professional pest removal services to locate the colonies and permanently eradicate the problem. So what are a few of the untraditional techniques that you could employ?

Application of essential oils and natural herbs

Smell is one of the strongest senses that insects and other pests have. If an odour is too noxious for them, chances are they will steer clear of that area. One of the household herbs that you could use in pest control is mint. This herb can repel insects such as leas, ant and even spiders.

Rosemary is another herb you can find in your kitchen and use to keep both mosquitoes and flies from buzzing around your property.

Another scent that is sure to drive critters away from your home is lavender. Apply this essential oil on cracks windowsills and other access points to detract bugs from trying to access your property.

Curate a homemade pesticide

If you have pets or small children, you may be wary of using chemical barriers to prevent a pest infestation. Nevertheless, this does not mean that your home should provide an all-access pass for these critters. There is a host of natural ingredients that you could use to curate a homemade pesticide. Vinegar is one of the cheap and readily available ingredients that you can bottle and spray directly on surfaces to keep bugs from wandering into your home.

If you notice an increased number of spiders on your property, squeeze some juice from lemons or limes and dispense it from a spray bottle to repel the creepy crawlies. You can even take your pest control measures a notch further and insert the peels of citrus fruits directly into floorboards and cracks to act as a continuous repellant for these insects.

Lastly, mix some cornmeal with borax and sprinkle this around your property as bait. Insects such as cockroaches and ants cannot digest this ingredient, and end up dying from dehydration.