When Does a Home Need a Pest Inspection?

No one likes to think of a home having a pest infestation, but this can happen in any neighbourhood and to any house, no matter the overall cleanliness of a home. Termites can find their way to any wood structure, and mice or rats may nest inside a home even if it's spotlessly clean. It's also not unusual to have ants make their way into a home, if they follow an open area left by termites and other pests. Whatever the pest that may concern you, note when a home may need a pest inspection and why this is so important.

When experiencing water leaks

You may not associate water leaks with a pest infestation, but note that pests need water as well as food to survive. If your home has a leaky pipe, this can be a good source of hydration for pests, who may be able to smell the wet wood or mould that develops behind the walls because of such leaks. Water leaks also soften wood so that it becomes easier for pests to burrow around behind the home's walls and through its framework.

If your home has had water leaks repaired in any areas, it's good to then have a pest inspection done to ensure no insects or rodents have made their nest in that same area.

Before listing it

If you're thinking of putting your home on the real estate market, you would do well to have it inspected for pests first. This would give you the opportunity to have it fumigated if necessary, so that a potential buyer doesn't rescind an offer after having their own inspection done. You might also be alerted to damage done by pests, such as electrical wires that have been chewed through by rodents or insulation that has been damaged by pests making their nests.

After experiencing floods and other bad weather

Rodents may try to run away from a flood by finding refuge inside a building; if your neighbourhood has been flooded, it's good to have your home inspected for hiding rodents. Certain pests may also make their way inside home when the summertime weather is especially hot, looking for some cool shade, while lizards may come inside when it gets too cold out, since they usually enjoy warmer weather overall.

Very high heat can amplify the smell of trash inside or outside your home, attracting roaches and mice. If you've experienced any extremes in temperature in your area, have the home inspected for potential pests.