Rodent Control: How You Can Keep Rats and Mice Out of Your Home

No matter how clean and hygienic your house is, pest invasions can still happen. If rats or mice have found their way into your place and are causing you problems, they will need to be removed. But it's a smart move to put pre-emptive measures in place, so as to minimise potential infestation. Chances are high that if conditions are not favourable for rats and mice to stay in and around your home, they'll probably won't stick around to make your life difficult.

Here is a look at some effective preventative steps you can adopt to help keep your house free of rats and mice.

Don't leave food in open places

Rats and mice can eat almost anything that human beings eat, hence it is only natural for them to scavenge for food in homes. These rodents have a powerful sense of smell and will easily get drawn into homes where food has been left uncovered. Rats and mice can crawl up the kitchen countertops and even your walls just to make sure they get a meal. 

Making sure you do not leave any food uncovered, whether it's leftovers from yesterday's dinner, or food thrown in the waste bin, will help to keep the gnawing rodents out of your home. Also, do not leave dirty dishes in the kitchen sink – the rodents won't mind nibbling food scraps, no matter how small.

Seal any holes or gaps in the house

Keep in mind that rats and mice are small animals, and they can use any small openings around your home as entryways into your space. Visually inspect the accessible parts of your building envelope to see possible routes that these rodents may take when entering your home. Some common access points may include the space between floors and the base of exterior doors, pipes connected to the outside of the home, cracks on the walls of the buildings, etc. Cover these openings with fillers and sealers, metal guards or any other effective sealing mechanisms before the rodents can turn them into access points into your home.

Avoid cluttering your home

Homes that are cluttered with too much stuff can act as good hideouts for rats and mice. Even though you may hear them make some chattering, scampering, and scratching noises when they are around, these rodents like to keep a low profile, generally speaking – as if they know they're unwanted in the home. They will often hide in jumbled up spots to escape detection, so you should not leave clutter all over the place.