Three Tips To Discourage Pests Between Exterminator Visits

There is a running joke that every animal in Australia wants to kill you. From redback spiders to the Eastern Brown snake, you certainly do need to be careful about what creatures are lurking in the shadows of your home. Annual pest control at your residence is one way to keep termites, silverfish, spiders, and cockroaches at bay. But, what can you do between exterminator visits to keep your home pest free? Use these three tips to help keep the bugs out of your space and out of your face.

Repel Cockroaches

When a cockroach enters your kitchen, they are looking for two things: food and water. So, to give cockroaches their marching orders, you need to make sure they do not have access to these two things. Fix dripping taps, don't leave stagnant water sitting in the sink and make sure open food packets are shut securely. Have a look at buying storage containers for foodstuffs like cereal and baking goods so you can keep these items locked up tight away from roach eyes.

Be Gone Silverfish

Silverfish look like a cross between a caterpillar and a cockroach. They are nocturnal pests, so you will only see them scuttling around your home at night. They don't pose a threat to humans, but they do like to eat your books and fabrics. Silverfish are another pest who like the damp, moist areas in your home. Therefore, if you see them, there is likely a leak somewhere in your plumbing, or moisture is building up somewhere in the home. Check all your visible plumbing pipes to see if you can identify the area the silverfish is attracted to. Fix the plumbing leak and you'll fix the silverfish issue.

Go Away Flies

Although the exterminator does not treat your home for flies, these are a pest you can take care of yourself. Spiders love to feast on flies, so if you get rid of this food source, the spider will go elsewhere looking for a meal. Flies are attracted to food and food odour. So the first place you can reduce your fly issue is at your outdoor rubbish bin. Make sure the lid closes and seals tight each time you put a rubbish bag in there. Look at throwing a couple of tablespoons of laundry borax into each rubbish bag to reduce the food odours.

These tips are a start for keeping pests out of your home between pest control visits. Have a chat with your exterminator to find out other advice they have that is relevant to your specific location.